A Word Fitly Spoken

That‘s Enough! The Sufficiency of Scripture

November 9, 2021

Have you ever thought God was talking to you in your mind? Maybe a friend has said, “God told me such and such,” or “God showed me something” in a dream or a vision. Does God speak to people audibly today like He spoke to Moses, the prophets, and a few others in Scripture?

All of those ways people think God is speaking to them are called “extra-biblical revelation” - things that God is supposedly revealing to them outside the pages of the Bible. But as Michelle and Amy share what God Himself tells us - in the Bible - that He communicates with Christians through His sufficient written Word.


Basic Training: The Bible Is Sufficient- Michelle Lesley- Discipleship for Christian Women

Sufficiency of Scripture - Amy Spreeman, Naomi's Table

Social Justice is an Attack on the Sufficiency of Scripture - Berean Research

What is the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture?- Got Questions


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