A Word Fitly Spoken

“But you’re a girl!” Addressing Objections to Discernment - Part 1

March 3, 2020

Some common objections we hear when we warn women about false teachers:

"You say that this female Bible teacher is in disobedience to Scripture because she preaches to men. You’re just as guilty because you have a blog and social media pages that men can read!"

In this episode, Michelle and Amy take on a common objection to naming false teachers, and that is the idea that women ought not do podcasts, blogs or post on social media if their content has Scripture. Nonsense! Tune in and find out why.



Scriptures mentioned in this episode

Answering the Opposition- Responses to the Most Frequently Raised Discernment Objections– Michelle Lesley- Discipleship for Christian Women

Rock Your Role: Jill in the Pulpit (1 Timothy 2:11-12)– Michelle Lesley- Discipleship for Christian Women